Op-Ed (EN)

Contributions to Ottawa-based online publication iPolitics :

Turks hold their breath as post-coup state of emergency continues (iPolitics, 26 July 2016)

“It took some time on the night of Friday, July 15, for Turkish citizens to believe the reports they were seeing on social media were real. A clique within the Turkish Armed Forces was trying to overthrow the government. Panic ripped through the country as military troops shut down bridges, roads and international airports…

Full textipolitics.ca/…/turkey-turns-inward-as-post-coup-state-of-emergency-continues

Not friends, but getting friendlier: The thaw in Israeli-Turkish relations (iPolitics, 18 May 2016)

“Debated for years, it has finally become reality: Israel will soon open a liaison office at the Brussels headquarters of NATO. This only became possible when NATO member Turkey decided to lift the veto it imposed in 2010 against any Israeli cooperation with the military alliance, including joint exercises…

Full text: ipolitics.ca/…/not-friends-but-getting-friendlier-the-thaw-in-israeli-turkish-relations 

The migrant crisis is a test of character — and Europe is flunking it (iPolitics, 4 April 2016)

“With almost five million of its citizens now living beyond its borders, Syria has become a diaspora nation. Facing up to this fact may be the first step in helping these migrants…

Full text: ipolitics.ca/…/europes-migrant-crisis-is-a-test-of-character-and-europe-is-failing-it 

Is Trudeau’s Kurdish training mission stepping on Turkey’s toes? (iPolitics, 10 March 2016)

“Since the fall of 2014, Canada has been providing equipment and military training to Kurdish armed forces in Northern Iraq, in the hope that these troops can help defeat ISIS in the field. Indeed, Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq and Syria have shown themselves to be useful agents against this radical Islamist army, and have earned praise for their efforts in the Western world…

Full textipolitics.ca/…/is-trudeaus-kurdish-training-mission-stepping-on-turkeys-toes

Are Turkey and Russia headed for war? (iPolitics, 2 March 2016)

“There is a risk of war between Turkey and Russia,” French President François Hollande said on February 19. “We must avoid an escalation”. That’s quite an alarming thing to say, since a war between Russia and Turkey, a NATO member, would be very hard to manage…

Full text: ipolitics.ca/…/are-turkey-and-russia-headed-for-war